Christie Melby

How to Successfully Join Political Conversations

Through various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, brands not only have an avenue to engage with customers, but a way to build a personality and express the brand’s values. And it doesn’t stop with brands. These platforms, along with opportunities to contribute content to well-established media outlets, enable executives to express their […]


Spaceflight Purchases a Rocket Lab Electron to Expand its Dedicated Rideshare Service

Our client, Spaceflight Industries, recently announced that it has purchased an Electron rocket from New Zealand-based Rocket Lab. Spaceflight, the launch service and mission management arm of Spaceflight Industries, built its business on the concept of ridesharing. Rideshare consists of procuring available capacity on existing launches and assisting satellite providers in securing the excess capacity […]


Infographic: The Future of PR

The media industry has undergone dramatic change over the last 10-15 years. We’ve written numerous times about the shifts in the landscape and how to navigate them. However, rarely is there quantifiable information about how the evolution of the media landscape affects the PR industry. MediaMiser released an infographic outlining the future of PR, stating […]


Best Practices: Skype Interviews

With journalists working remotely from all over the country and PR professionals working with clients in a variety of cities and even countries, the PR industry rarely feels the limits created by location. However, broadcast often seems like the one of the last mediums to feel its constraints. Recently, we’ve secured several broadcast interview opportunities […]


Facebook Combats Fake News by Educating Users About How to Identify It

Fake news has been a hot topic since the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election and for good reason. On Facebook, fake election-related news stories generated more user engagement than top stories from credible news publications, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, NBC News, and others, according to a BuzzFeed […]

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