Christie Melby

For the love of blog: Don’t forget to include blogging in your 2018 plan

Speaking from experience, blogging can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Finding topics that your readers will view as interesting is challenging and then developing them into posts that maintain someone’s attention and adds value can sometimes feel nearly impossible. However, blogging is an impactful tool that provides a platform to highlight results, share perspectives […]


Spaceflight Reaches Two Impressive Milestones in One Week

Last week was an eventful one for our client, Spaceflight Industries, announcing two important milestones for the company’s satellite rideshare and mission management service, Spaceflight. The first announcement revealed that Spaceflight had been awarded its first contract from NASA Kennedy Space Center Contract (KSC) for launch and integration services. The multi-year contract covers launch services […]


Working with Influencers: How to Make an Impact with your Audience

Influencer marketing has become an incredibly popular method brands use to reach their consumers—especially social media. A study conducted by Tomoson in 2015 proved exactly why this has become one of marketers’ favorite news tools, stating brands make $6.50 in revenue for every $1 they spend on average on influencer marketing. In fact, so many […]


Learnings from Hosting a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Rickreall Dairy

A couple of weeks ago, I headed south to Salem, Ore., to assist in hosting a farm tour at Rickreall Dairy, a farmer-owner of our client, dairy co-op Darigold. While the time away from the office, interacting with the cows and enjoying the fresh air, feels like an adult field trip, there is a lot […]


How to Successfully Join Political Conversations

Through various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, brands not only have an avenue to engage with customers, but a way to build a personality and express the brand’s values. And it doesn’t stop with brands. These platforms, along with opportunities to contribute content to well-established media outlets, enable executives to express their […]

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