Erica Lieppman

Mobidia’s Inside Scoop on Smartphone Data Usage

The functionality of cellphones has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Today, people are accessing vast amounts of information, updating their social media profiles, watching videos and playing games all from their mobile phones. As convenient (and fun) as this may be, it comes with a price tag. Most cellphone providers have a limit […]


Best Practices for Company Pages on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn Company Page is important for multiple reasons. It is a place for a business to share its story and present the company image to potential customers. It gives the company an opportunity to advertise its products or services externally while also helping to showcase internal connections. Therefore, it is important that this page […]


My Summer Experience at CPR

As a new intern at Communiqué PR, I showed up on my first day having no idea what it would be like to work for a small PR firm. I knew very little about what my responsibilities would include, and even less about the people who worked here. But I am happy to say that […]


Four Tips to Maximize your LinkedIn Profile

Today, there are many different social media sites available. So what makes LinkedIn more appealing to professionals? Having just recently joined the one hundred million other users, I wanted to learn more about the site and discover the advantages LinkedIn offers to working professionals over other social media sites. In addition, after reading Jennifer’s blog […]


Four Ways Instagram Can Lead a Small Business to Success

When Instagram was first launched in the fall of 2010, nobody could have predicted its enormous success. Despite its simple concept, Instagram gained a total of 14 million users in its very short lifespan, and was sold to Facebook in April 2012 for $1 billion. The free app allows users to snap, edit and post […]

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