Joni Kirk

The Purpose of Measurement

I recently read the book “How to Measure Anything,” by Douglas W. Hubbard. As the title infers, the book makes the bold assertion that anything can be measured. In the context of public relations, measurement is significant. On the Communiqué PR blog, we have addressed topics such as Measuring the Value of PR, Measuring ROI […]


Three Reasons to Contribute Company-Neutral Editorial

You’ve finally found the perfect editorial opportunity at your target publication – one that allows you to write the article. You spend time crafting a stellar pitch and send it off to the appropriate editor. You’re excited when the editor responds – that is until you read the email. “Thank you for your note. We […]


Google Earns a +1 for Google+ Brand Pages

How long would it take for your organization to obtain 40 million customers for a new product? For Google+, it took less than six months. And while comparatively adoption of the Google+ brand pages for organizations is relatively slow, the potential for such a page to significantly impact your organization is considerably high. We’ve included […]


Five Tips for Pitching the Media during the Holidays

For non-retailers, business slows down during the holidays as offices close and people take vacations. For the media, however, news never stops. Reporters are on a never-ending hunt for news even during the holidays. To strengthen your media relationships and garner some media attention for your company or clients during the holidays, we suggest these […]


Tips for Pitching the Media through Social Media

In the age-old tussle between public relations practitioners and the media, pitches take considerable heat. In fact, a blog is devoted to bad pitches. Previously, I worked for a large organization in a small town. The local newspaper wanted story ideas – it just wouldn’t accept ideas that came directly from the organization’s communications office; […]

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