Katherine Turney

How the 84th Academy Awards Exhibited Strategic PR for the Movie Industry

There seemed to be a recurring theme during the recent Academy Awards: get people back in movie theater seats.  The annual awards show highlighted the magic of the movie-going experience and attempted to reinvigorate excitement in the audience around movie-theater attendance. This was no coincidence for the Academy, as it seemed to be a direct […]


Facebook Actions and the New World of Apps

It started with Sponsored Stories early last year and now, Facebook continues to encourage user activity and promoted content with the recently announced new Timeline apps. These Timeline apps allow users to broadcast their daily activities, such as “cooking,” “hiking,” and “knitting,” moving beyond the traditional “like,” “read,” “watch” and “listen” buttons. These actions are chronicled through the […]


The Importance of Awards

Every February, I gear up to watch each and every major film nominated for an Academy Award. I fully trust these films will impress and entertain me because of the credibility bestowed by their nominations. They are, by the simple virtue of their selection, deemed to be the best. Everyone may not necessarily agree, but we come to know popular and successful actors, actresses, musicians and the like through these award-winning nominations and achievements.


Learning from the Best: Top Brands Engage Fans with Google+ Hangouts

Not many social media tools enable a Syrian native living in America with his newborn baby to virtually see his family for the first time in 18 years. It’s now possible using Google+ and its new app “Hangouts,” a powerful way to connect people around the world using live multi-way video chats among up to […]


Profanity: Are You Pandering to Provocation?

Profanity is always a touchy subject. We’ve all seen examples of explicit and inappropriate remarks in society, but when is it actually considered suitable for writing? I recently read an article on Daily Writing Tips about using profanity in different types of writing, and took the question to my friend and literary agent, Kevan Lyon. […]

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