Holly Zuluaga

Why Setting Expectations Will Help You Succeed

When training for a race, whether a 5K, half marathon or full marathon, you know how long the race is before you sign up and typically set a goal about finishing that will make you feel successful at the end. In the running world, we call it a “PR,” or personal record. As a runner, […]


The Need for Speed: Why Capitalizing on the Now is Key

In public relations, it often seems like slow and steady wins the race. By distributing a steady stream of news, securing key coverage and continuing to put out consistent messages via social media, blogs and contributed articles, your efforts will likely have an impact on your business. However, sometimes there is a need for speed. […]


Social Media Writing Bootcamp: Tips and Tricks

We live in a world of communication overload. I know that I get overwhelmed managing two email addresses, a Facebook account, Twitter account, Google+ and a LinkedIn account. I receive thousands of messages each day across these platforms, but realistically there are not enough hours in the day to read them all.  So the question […]


Kaidel Coverage

It is always a treat when we get the opportunity to work with a client whose product meshes with our own personal passions. This spring and summer we had the opportunity to work with Kaidel Sportswear, a Seattle-based sportswear company that designs Pacific Northwest-specific running and biking gear. I am very passionate about running and […]


Why Who is Key in Pitching

As public relations professionals, we are constantly cultivating story ideas from our clients, developing pitches, identifying targets and distributing them where we hope they do the most good. Though having a compelling story is important, it is only half the battle; finding the right audience for your story is also key. Ask yourself: Who will […]

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