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The Power of Mission & Vision Statements

Clearly defined mission and vision statements can be powerful for people and businesses. They can help provide focus and inspiration as well as provide another point of reference when making decisions. A mission statement is centered on what you set out to do, and a vision statement is focused on the end result. It is […]


Core Values of Communiqué Public Relations

Our vision at Communiqué is to provide compelling, effective and results-driven public relations services that succeed on multiple levels for our clients. Guiding us in our work is a set of simple yet dynamic core values. These values provide a beacon by which we live and conduct our business, a basis for our actions, and […]


A Look Back at 2011

It’s typically quiet the week between Christmas and New Year’s, offering us time to reflect on the past year as well as plan for the coming one. For us, 2011 was a busy year – with many successes and numerous milestones. Before we jump into 2012, here are some of our significant 2011 highlights, for […]


Maintaining Your Social Media Presence During Transitions

By Joni Kirk Social media has exploded over the last several years. Companies are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as other platforms and tools to connect with customers, employees, stakeholders and the public. With this explosion comes the simultaneous development of best practices for social media. But one aspect of social media […]


We’re Adding to the Communiqué PR Team!

We are excited to announce we are adding to the Communiqué PR team. Currently, we are recruiting for a Senior Account Executive and an Account Manager. The complete job descriptions are included below for your consideration. If you are interested in being considered for either position, please email your letter of interest and resume to […]

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